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V-FACE™ transforms the design of HVAC units and built-up filter banks as an innovative filter holding frame that sets the new standard for years to come. By incorporating a true gasketed frame, you get all the benefits of a v-bank design without the bypass in-between and around the filters. Now, for the first time, a face-loaded, v-style holding frame is available for standard-size prefilters and high-efficiency filters.

  • Replaces antiquated universal flat-face holding frame
  • Utilizes two standard size 4” deep filters for twice the face area
  • Changes the game with design velocities up to 750+ FPM
  • Reduces filter face velocity by one half with pressure drop savings up to 50%
  • Provides significant energy savings with lower horsepower fan requirements
  • Requires no separate clips and is the easiest filter change-out in the industry
  • Doubles the filter surface area, significantly increasing filter life
  • LEED credits for reduced energy usage and high filter efficiency
  • Reduces Disposal by 33% when compared to typical 12″ final filters

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