Non-Fouling Coil

Unfortunately “ultra-low fouling” heating & cooling coils are not available, but what if you could even do better than that?

  • Now for the first time, by incorporating our V-FACE™ filter holding frame, high efficiency prefilters can be used with extremely low pressure drops and greatly extended service life.
  • The industry standard has typically been to use 30% prefilters in most HVAC equipment. The result, greater than 60% of the dirt is allowed to migrate downstream.
  • Unfortunately much of this dirt accumulates on and in every downstream component including coils, drain pans, blower wheels, bearings, electrical  and control components, ductwork, discharge grilles, etc.
  • Air conditioning coils that range from 3 to 12 rows deep and fin spacing (that has over the years become progressively more dense) are simply a nightmare and many times impossible to thoroughly clean. When deeper coils reach a certain compaction, the available technology and expertise to adequately clean them in place is simply not available. Typically these coils end up getting surface cleaned while further compacting the remaining dirt, deeper in the coil.
  • From day one of operation, these air conditioning coils begin to foul as a result of the 30% prefilter philosophy. Over the life of the unit, how much energy is wasted as a result of this fouling? How much does it cost for additional component failures, including parts and labor? How much does it shorten the overall life of the unit?
  • When high efficiency, low pressure drop filters are used upstream in the prefilter position in our V-FACE™ holding frame (with a true gasketed seal) everything downstream is protected, everything. That means the unit and components, ductwork, discharge grilles etc. remain clean and operating at design efficiency for potentially the life of the unit.
  • When considering all the preventable costs associated with unfiltered dirt, our V-FACE™ holding frame and filters are a huge money saving solution from day one.

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