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V-FACE™ Transforms HVAC with Innovation

V-Face™ Filter

We are excited to launch our new website and introduce our
V-FACE™ filter holding frame!

We wanted a bold new website to tell the story of our innovative air filtration products.

Our V-FACE™ technology transforms HVAC and air filtration with its radical new design. Learn more about our product that changes the game for the HVAC industry.

Here’s a brief look at the benefits of V-FACE™:

  • Innovative design that outperforms flat face frames
  • Better air quality with long life MERV 14 pre-filters
  • Lowers pressure drop up to 50% or more
  • Significant energy savings with lower fan requirements
  • Doubles the filter face area, substantially increasing filter life
  • Better air flow with velocities up to 750+ FPM
  • LEED credits for reduced energy use and high efficiency
  • Less maintenance costs with easy filter change and long life

We wanted a site that clearly communicated the amazing benefits of our
V-FACE™ products. After talking to our friends at IFWorld, they recommended we engage the talents of Blue Zoo Creative for our website. It was important that we worked with a firm that understands innovation, good design and clear communication. We also had a tight schedule in order to launch our new website and ad campaign in time to announce our innovative products at trade shows beginning in January 2014.

We’re pleased with the bold yet clean look that focuses on our simple message of ‘Simple Design. Radical Results.’

If you’re an engineer, OEM or facility manager, you’ll appreciate all the benefits of our innovative V-FACE™ line.

Contact us today with questions or to just learn more. Simple Design. Radical Results.

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