V-FACE™ Frames

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Airflow through V-FACE™


The V-FACE™ simply changes the game for filtration…

By incorporating low pressure drop, high efficiency (up to MERV 15) 4″ deep filters into a new, innovative housing; the face velocity is cut in half and the savings are remarkable.

What’s changed?

Both the housing AND the filter have changed. The V-FACE™ utilizes a front-loaded frame so that two (2) 4″ deep filters can be slid into a v-shape opening and sealed. As a result, the face velocity across a typical 24″x24″ opening has now been cut approximately in half. Our new MERV 14/14A minipleat filters have an initial pressure drop of 0.21″ w.g. at 500 FPM. Now, do the math.

The result is an overall life cycle operating cost that sets a dramatically new industry standard.


Lower Energy, Maintenance, Landfill, AND Life Cycle Costs

  • With a design velocity of 500 FPM and a filter pressure drop of .12” clean at 250 FPM, energy savings can be significant.
  • Expected filter replacements are now every six months to a year in average applications… which saves maintenance and landfill costs.
  • Lower Pressure Drops + Fewer Changes = Lower Life Cycle Costs & More Sustainability

Cleaner Coils and Components

  • In the traditional 25-30% prefilter arrangement, greater than 60% of the dirt is allowed to migrate downstream fouling the cooling coil and unit components.
  • By installing a V-FACE™ with MERV 14 (4″ deep, 90-95%) filters upstream of unit components:
    • Cooling coils stay cleaner, maintain their efficiency, and the coil life is optimized.
    • Electrical components, fans, motors, ductwork, discharge grilles, drain pans and lines stay cleaner improving performance and reducing maintenance.

Smaller Unit Sizes & Fan Motors

  • Secondary high efficiency filter sections can be eliminated saving a complete filter bank, filters and unit/plenum costs.
  • With a smaller final pressure drop allowance, fans and motors can be smaller saving initial capital costs.
  • Increasing the face velocity above 500 FPM can reduce cost per CFM.

Available LEED Credits

  • For minimum efficiency filters and reduced energy.

Ideal for Retrofits

  • Now a high efficiency filter option for velocities up to 750+ FPM.
  • Potential energy savings with reduction in total static pressure of as much as 1.00” or more.

Designed for Ease of Maintainability

  • Extended filter life reduces downtime and number of complete changes.
  • V-FACE™ filters can achieve MERV 14 ratings in a 4″ deep filter reducing the quantity and weight of cartons.
  • Simple mounting arrangement saves overall replacement time.
  • Higher efficiency prefilters eliminate the need for frequent cleaning of coils, drain pans and drain lines.

Net Zero V-FACE

The significant energy saving potential with the V-FACE™ filter holding frame is quite obvious with the significant reduction in pressure drop.  But totally independent of these considerable operating savings, V-FACE™ can pay for itself on new equipment before it even hits the job site. The following is a list of the possibilities of how this can happen:

  1. The significant reduction in pressure drop means smaller fan sizes and supports at a lower cost.
  2. The significant reduction in pressure drop allows for smaller motors at additional reduced cost.
  3. The decrease in motor sizes will affect electrical components including: wire sizes, contacts, starters, unit power supply, etc.
  4. In final filter applications, by installing the low pressure drop finals in the prefilter position, the final filter rack can be eliminated.
  5. The elimination of the filter rack will save filter frame cost and labor for installation.
  6. One or two sets of prefilters would not be required.
  7. The final filter section can be removed, saving a costly 3 to 6 feet on the total unit length.

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